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Process of Making Flying Paper Lanterns

Similar strategy of hot air balloon is used for the creation of flying paper lanterns. Some amount of risk is associated with these lanterns. Therefore, it is necessary to practice caution on the occasion. From the top, the lantern must be larger in comparison to the bottom. Due to top heavy nature of the lantern, it can fly quite easily in the air.

Tools required for flying paper lantern




Material required for making flying paper lanterns



Cotton (10 gram) for fuel


Copper wires

Bamboo Strips

Steps to make flying paper lantern

Bamboo strips must be cut in 1×0.1 centimeter. To form a circle, the strip must be bent properly. It must be glued for maintaining the shape.

Copper wire must be put over the bamboo circle in order to form a cross.

Columns must be created by cutting the paper in an adequate shape. Round paper must be cut and attached from the top. Place the bamboo circle at the base.

10 cm bamboo strips must be wrapped with cotton that has been dipped in ethanol. It must be hanged from the crossing point in the copper wire.

Afterwards, it can be flown from an open space.