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The way to deal with a difficult landlord

If you rent a house then you are going to have a landlord. Hopefully most people have good easy going landlords, but unfortunately some people don’t.

Manchester Mortgages housing expert Bobby Christie (website here) shares some pinnacle tips for renters with landlord problems:

Get in touch together with your landlord and allow them to understand what the problem is. make sure you are clear about the records and what you want to occur.

Find out what you need to do to remedy your hassle. shelter’s internet site and unfastened housing helpline 0808 800 4444 can let you understand what your rights are.

Be continual. you might want to get lower back in touch together with your landlord. explain what you will do if the situation does now not enhance and describe how the trouble is affecting you. make certain you always live well mannered and affordable.

In case you can’t remedy the difficulty along with your landlord, take your grievance to the next level. ensure you spot the system through.

An awesome dating along with your landlord is important and you may be capable of paintings through problems better if you build trust and co-operation. Do you have a difficult landlord that you are having problems dealing with? Either call the helpline or get in touch with Bobby Christie at the above web site for help.